Quality hand-made Kydex® Sheaths
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Our goal is to provide you with the very best sheath, every time, in a timely manner, at an affordable price. If ever you are not happy, please give us a chance to fix it.

I currently sell on Ebay as azwelkekydex

I am also on Bladeforums as azwelke

"I have many knives and pistols and accompanying sheaths and holsters. I have a box full of them that are unsatisfactory for one reason or another. I decided to try one from Al for my Izula 2. It is perfect in every way! Not only is the sheath perfect but so is Al's customer service. He helped me pick out the right sheath for my purposes and communication was excellent! He even helped me fine tune the sheath when it arrived. I cannot recommend Al and his work strongly enough! You can count on him. "
Semper Fi

The Becker BK14 sheath you made for me
is by far the best kydex sheath I've
ever owned. So far my favorite is the one
that came with my Survive Knife GSO
4.1, but the quality and fit and finish of
your sheath is much better. Thank
you for the great work, I'll definitely be
purchasing more.

Chris Gray

"Al is the best custom Kydex bender
in the business! I have been purchasing
his work for over 6 years (2015) and
have over 20 of his sheaths. His
sheaths always fit perfectly and his work is
top-notch! He ships quickly,
and will also do custom work if you send a knife
to him. Great communication
and a pleasure to work with! I HIGHLY recommend
AZWelke Kydex!!!"

Jared Cross

~ Hello Al and DeAnn,
Just a note to say thank you so much for the awesome sheaths. The Busse NMFBM has been my grail knife for just over five years now, it took that long for the funds and blade availability to come together. And I'm proud to have her in an Azwelke sheath, they look beautiful together. The Killa Zilla 2 and the Swamp Rat Waki sheaths are over the top great sheaths also.
I was first attracted to Azwelke because of your kydex/leather drop loop, which is the best designed drop loop in the industry, IMHO. But your top notch customer service and quality builds have made me an Azwelke customer all my kydex sheath needs. And all my buddies ask "who built all those bad@ss sheaths for you and how do I get one", of course I send them to your web site and eBay store.
Thank You
Have a great day!
Steve O
P.S. Hope y'all OK after all the terrible flooding in your area. It was all over the news in Houston.

~ I have purchased over 10 Kydex sheaths from Al...Best Kydex sheaths...hands
-Michael S

~I got my Azwelke sheath for my group buy ESEE 6 and this thing is SOLID! The
knife snaps into place with authority and it doesn't move at all! Turn
around time was awesome and communications couldn't be better!

Thanks a ton Al!

a very satisfied customer!

~Thank you for the best kydex sheath I have owned. The nicely formed thumb
stop is perfect and the dimple provides just the right amount of tension with
a posative click. I wish all my kydex sheaths were this solid.
Guy Peters

~I recently ordered a pancake sheath for a Busse Combat Grade Nuclear Meltdown
Fusion Steel Heart. The ordering process could not be more simple. I received
my sheath in a timely manner (I want to say under two weeks) and the sheath
is excellent quality. The overall fit and finish is great and the knife is
secured really well. The snap is authoritative and lets me know my knife is
not going anywhere. I would highly recommend Azwelke sheaths to anyone
interested in a quality kydex piece.